La Pomponnée Nails

La Pomponnée Nails

Hand & Foot Treatments

We take our hands and feet for granted on a daily basis. On average our feet walk over 8,000 steps and our hands perform thousands of tasks each day. By taking some time to care for them, not only will we relieve stress and strain, but we will improve the health and appearance of each.

  • La Pomponnee Manicure
  • La Pomponnee Pedicure

Both include an AVEDA Sensory Journey to customize your treatment, followed by nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliation, massage and polish.

  • Gel Manicure/ or gel polish change

    This manicure includes all the steps as our La Pomponnee manicure except Gel Polish is used. Gel is more flexible, and stands up to chips. The Gel is cured under a light and must be soaked off each time.

  • Gel Pedicure/ gel polish change

    This pedicure includes a nail shaping, foot soak, cuticle care, exfoliation and foot/leg massage. Gel polish used for a pedicure typically lasts longer. The polish must be soaked off each time.

  • French Polish Add-on for hands/feet
  • Dazzle Dry polish upgrade for hands/feet

    Dries in 3 minutes

  • Hot Paraffin Add-on for hands/feet

    Nourishes and softens the skin with the combination of rich hydrating lotion and custom blended essential oils sealed in a warm, gentle paraffin mask. Can be added to a manicure or pedicure.

  • Spa Treatment Add-on for hands/feet

    The ultimate ritual for pampering the most over-worked parts of the body. This includes a rejuvenating masque application and a soothing hot compress for your neck and shoulders. Add to any manicure and pedicure.

  • Structure gel manicure

    Includes all the steps in our regular manicure, but uses a thicker gel polish designed to help natural nails grow out stronger. This product gets soaked off.


Healing Footlogix Pedicure

For dry, cracked heels. See and feel healthier feet after 1 treatment. This healing treatment pedicure is available for both our regular and gel polishes. We also offer a fantastic home care regimen to continue the healing.

  • Polish
  • Gel

Diamond Bit Manicure

A Dry manicure using diamond bits and advanced techniques to exfoliate and repair dry, peeling cuticles. It is followed by regular polish or gel polish. This technique also helps the manicure last longer.

  • Polish
  • Gel

IBX Nail Strengthening Treatment (hands)

Strengthens and repairs natural nails to promote growth. Penetrating agent fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve the nail plate integrity.

  • Stand Alone
  • Addon w/ Manicure Service

Soft Gel Tips

Add length and strength! Soft Gel Tips are full-coverage nail tips made with a unique soft jelly-material that gives flexibility and durability. The Soft Gel tips are designed to cover from the cuticle to free edge. Soft Gel Tips move with the contour of the natural nail for a perfect fitting, stronger and more break-resistant design. Available in four ready-to-wear styles: Medium Round, Medium Coffin, Long Coffin, and Long Stiletto and 11 sizes. They are adhered to the nail using an LED curable Gel Tip Adhesive ensuring a premium bond with the Soft Gel Tips for 21 days of ultimate, reinforced wear.

  • Full Set
  • Removal

Dip Powder Nails

A flawless, long lasting soak-off acrylic powder that is odor free. Adds strength. *Cannot add nail art to this service.

  • Tips with an overlay
  • Removal

    If done elsewhere

  • Natural Nail Overlay

Nail Art

Please email a photo of what you would like to before booking.

  • Gems and Studs
  • Glitter

    (loose-gel pressed)

    $3.00 / nail
  • Artwork

    (1-3 colors)

    $2.00 / nail
  • Artwork

    (4+ colors)

    $3.00 / nail
  • 3D Ornaments

Prices are subject to change based on intricacy of design. Nail Art is additional and requires a consult to determine timing.

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